Black Girl Beauty Influencers: Gorgeous in Every Shade

With my first makeup tutorial uploaded on our Videos. page, I can confidently say that I’m not a beauty influencer. With the experience that I got by making my first (and probably only) makeup tutorial, I would like to acknowledge the incredible work makeup influencers do.

On that note, Black girl makeup influencers deserve their flowers.

As a young girl striking out on the alter-Internet of social media and going down my first couple of Youtube rabbit holes, I always started with the American sweetheart Jackie Aina. I felt seen and heard through her beginner-friendly makeup tutorials, honest product reviews, and the Black girl stamp of approval she gave with her preferred makeup brands.

Not only did she provide a sense of cognitive makeup decisions along with a source of entertainment, she provided joy. Her viewers enjoy watching her.

Now, with the rise of TikTok and short-lengthened videos, a multitude of Black girl beauty influencers have risen to fame.

From the Monets to the Gollorias, Black girl beauty is a pillar of social media, and I hope the genre continues to blossom.

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