Have you ever been sick and tired of wearing the same braiding style over and over again? Well, have you come to the right place! In this issue and the next, we will educate you on the different protective styles you can get and how to style them.

Box Braids

As one of the most secure protective styles out there, box braids are very versatile hairstyle-wise. Tired of wearing the same style? Click the video above.

Let’s be honest, taking down box braids isn’t the most fun activity to do. Above is a safe tutorial on how to take it down and remove the build up under it.

Bored during quarantine? Click the video above to try doing DIY box braids!

Edges can take your box braid games up a couple of levels. If you don’t feel comfortable laying them, don’t, but if you do, here’s a tutorial.

Passion Twists

Passion Twists are a variation of box braids. Use this tutorial above to learn more about how you or your stylist can put more beauty on your crown.

Here’s another edges tutorial!

Follow the tutorial above to take your passion twist down.

Follow this tutorial for how to create your own hair rings? Looking for braid cuffs and not a DIY person? Click here!

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