Streetwear: Issa Look

Defined by Oxford Languages, streetwear is “casual clothing of a style worn especially by members of various urban youth subcultures.” However, streetwear is defined by you. Here are some items to help guide your way to making the Instagram worthy fit.  Graphic Tees As a staple in streetwear, the right graphic tee can make orContinue reading “Streetwear: Issa Look”

Mak Hill: A Viral Sensation

@makkystiktoks. Mak Hill: A Viral Sensation 689 million people all around the world are on the social media platform TikTok. The app has people, like Mak Hill, dancing, laughing, and advocating every day. Mak, who currently has about 90k followers and 2.6 million total likes, expresses her experience on TikTok. Black Lives Matter (BLM) InContinue reading “Mak Hill: A Viral Sensation”

Janelle Monae

Singer, Actress, and Activist Janelle Monae is a triple threat. She has starred in many soon-to-be classics like Hidden Figures, Harriet, and Moonlight. Her album (that we totally recommend listening to) Dirty Computer was nominated twice at the 61st Grammy Awards with one of those nomination being Album of the Year.