Art is a form of self-expression, and it has a rich history in all cultures. Some artists sell the Internet. Here are some Black girl Etsy artists/sticker makers you should check out!

AJ Sticker Studio

Based in the ATL, Akyra Kelley’s sticker shop shows the confidence in melanin through her cute, beautiful stickers. Check ’em out below!


KLigg is a Black woman owned art accessory store that runs out of Richmond, VA. The store spruced during the COVID-19 super-quarantine. Check out Kadeja’s store on her site or on her Etsy!

Aminah Dantzler Gallery

As a professional visual artist, Aminah Dantzler has a successful run on Etsy (since 2017) for her gorgeous paintings, and she’s based out of New York. Check her out!

Want your art to be here?

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