Mak Hill: A Viral Sensation


Mak Hill: A Viral Sensation

689 million people all around the world are on the social media platform TikTok. The app has people, like Mak Hill, dancing, laughing, and advocating every day. Mak, who currently has about 90k followers and 2.6 million total likes, expresses her experience on TikTok.

Black Lives Matter (BLM)

In the summer of 2020, BLM protests spread throughout the world, and it was the most participated movement (country-wise) in world history. However, many Black creators were shadowbanned, when a creator is being blocked without their knowledge resulting in exponentially less likes and follows. Mak participated in the movement by kneeling during the national anthem at her volleyball game and sharing her personal experiences on Twitter. “I have been shadowbanned [on TikTok] because I was talking about George Floyd and Breonna Taylor,” she said. “But on Twitter, I’ve been getting thousands of likes, comments, and some DMs asking me ‘why do y’all do this?’ and ‘why do y’all do that’, and I educate them on the causes.”

The Perfect TikTok

There are many things to consider when creating the perfect TikTok and going viral, and as a person who has had 554.1k likes on a TikTok, Mak shares her version of success. “Success is like ‘oooh yea this TikTok is about to go viral’ and then it does go viral,” she said. When it comes to being a social media influencer, there is one key component that helps you grow followers. “Being very consistent is the key,” Hill said. Despite being a very consistent TikToker, she does receive hate comments. As a person who works out constantly, she has had to bear the terribleness of hate comments like “her meal plan is chicken and watermelon”. She had to go through comments with racial slurs. And we all know which specific one.

Having Fun

On the lighter, more fun hand, TikTok has been a place for millions of people to express themselves, their cultures, and their beliefs. With a trend around every corner, Mak’s dream trend would be someone explaining why they live or why they get up in the morning. As a person who loves to laugh, one of Mak’s favorite TikTokers is Amahree (@icymahree). On TikTok, Mak is a fitness coach, dancer, and a social media activist. “I am [a social media activist] sometimes but not all the time,” Hill said. “It [social media activism] is effective because not a lot of teens are watching the news”

The SLU committed volleyball player’s audience continues to grow everyday. Can she make it to social media stardom? We believe in her, and she can do whatever she puts her mind to. You can find Mak’s TikTok here.

How has social media influenced you?

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