HBCUs: A Cultural Reset

Historically Black Colleges and Universities are very important to Black culture. Cameron Comeaux, Kendall Walden, and Samantha Williams, high school seniors, have poured their heart and soul for 4+ years dedicated to education, and they have advice they want to give you.


I have learned that all of the seniors listed are interested in every field they are going into. Kendall Walden is majoring in animal science or more commonly known as pre-vet. 

“I’ve always been interested in animals and science. I just thought about what I wanted to do. Originally, I wanted to be a zoologist, but they don’t really make a ton of money, so being a veterinarian was/is my best bet.” says Walden.

College Selection

No two colleges/universities are the same, so it’s very important to choose the one that mostly fits your personality and achieves your goals. A way you can do that is by listening to family members, friends, and your high school administrators. Cameron Comeaux is going to be an architecture major at Hampton University in the fall of 2021.

“I want more support,” says Comeaux. “And I wanted to go to an HBCU, so I chose one with a smaller campus population and has an architecture major. Plus my grandparents went [there].”


The college scholarship process is very important, but where do you start? Samantha Williams is an incoming freshman at Spelman College.

“The United Negro College Fund is a great place to start applying to scholarships. Even though I didn’t win any, there were tons of resources listed out for me.”

These girls have worked their butts off so they can be where they are today: celebrating graduation and heading off to college and adulthood. 

What can you do to prepare for college? How can you use your resources around you to better yourself?

Image: The Undefeated

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