Your Personal Guide To DFW Beauty Supplies

Beauty supplies: a Black girl’s safe haven. From the lip-gloss to the edge control, the aura of a classic beauty supply is phenomenal. Here are Black women owned beauty supplies to shop at and support. You can see their Instagram feeds below.

Lynn’s Beauty Depot

Owned by a veteran, Lynn’s Beauty Depot is an amazing beauty supply in Desoto, TX. They focus on amazing customer service. “Lynn’s is a great beauty supply store! Everything in the store is affordable, the owners are really sweet and provide great customer service! They are knowledgeable about their products and hair! I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else for my beauty supply needs!” said customer Erin Smith. With a 4.9 in Google ratings (there are about 40 ratings by the way), Lynn’s Beauty Depot has a spotless record in customer service and cleanliness.

Flawless Hair & Beauty Supply

With a combined 47 years of service in the military, Lucy Tartt, the owner of Flawless Hair & Beauty Supply, has a lovely beauty supply in Cedar Hill, TX. Founded in 2019, Flawless’s mission is to combine hair products with social justice for the Black and Brown community. 

B. Luxx Luxury Hair

B. Luxx Luxury Hair has a goal: to give women luxury hair at an affordable price. Located in the heart of the metroplex, Dallas, TX, B. Luxx is owned by Brandice Bell. With multiple 5 star reviews, customers walk away with satisfaction when leaving B. Luxx.

Shout out to, a Black owned website where the owner lists other Black owned business in the DFW area.

These 3 beauty supplies use Black culture and their business savvy owners to be successful.

How can you use your skills to better your community?

One thought on “Your Personal Guide To DFW Beauty Supplies

  1. This is great information! I love how you also point to another resource that provides even more information about Black-owned businesses. Thanks for posting this!


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